NFT-native art currently lacks true accessibility to the general public and trad-art collectors.

Deeply rooted in the tactile and visual joys of physical art, traditional art collectors, artists and institutions currently face a strong disconnect. Accustomed to the sensory experience of observing, owning and displaying tangible artworks, most are daunted by the transition to a purely digital domain regardless of the merit of the art itself.Furthermore, the concept of 'owning' a digital piece through a publicly tradable token is often alien, making it a challenge to bridge the gap between centuries-old collecting practices and this new frontier.

ceci n'est pas une print

Ceci n'est pas une print

How to exhibit digital artworks in a way that does justice to their worth and seamlessly communicates their intrinsic value to the general public?

Casa NUA, as Brazil's 1st permanent museum for natively digital art, seeks to merge the tangible and intangible worlds to foster broader appreciation and understanding. Awe-inspiring does not need to be out of reach.The way we display art and the thoughtfulness with which we guide people through the curations makes visiting the gallery or experiencing a vernissage at Casa NUA feel just as tangible and familiar as it is fresh and exciting.

We believe in the unique impact of presence.

Still largely inaccessible to the general public — who still grapples with the intricacies of blockchain, crypto wallets and tokenized assets — the digital art realm is mired in jargon, tech-heavy gateways and misinformation that create a barrier to understanding, and thus, appreciation.We love the memes, but we believe they must serve to broaden our audience, not just feed the degens.

We have adopted a museum/ gallery hybrid model that fits the web3 ethos with a strong focus on cultural, artistic and technological Education for accelerating the onboarding of the next generation of collectors and artists.

NFT Sampa Jun 1-2, 2024

With exhibits, international art drops, debates and crypto networking in a renovated 1940's classical penthouse in the heart of São Paulo — NFT Sampa is the richest recurring event in latin lands about crypto art, web3 and decentralization culture.

Casa NUA is also an emerging art Incubator

The NFT art space is currently missing the best artists due to global asymmetries.

We work with groundbreaking developing world artists from marginalized minorities — whom the NFT space hasn't been able to onboard yet due to language, tech or cost barriers — in order to bridge the above gap.We are a web3-native initiative, a fully dedicated NFT gallery and cultural space with a mission to bridge IRL and the Open Metaverse.-> educate -> onboard -> incubate -> sponsor -> launch -> promote -> multiply ->

We are curating, onboarding and sponsoring proven, talented visual artists, launching their genesis NFTs and presenting their work to the web3 community. The artists are guided and oriented about bridging their careers to NFT space and as their first pieces are sold, they have a solid base to independently mint and promote their NFT art.

Casa NUA's NFT initiatives are 100% non-profit, meaning all proceeds are reapplied to expanding this positive cycle by educating, curating, incubating and sponsoring original artworks by creators with proven talent and artistic track record but yet unreleased in the NFT art market, as well as building a permanent collection from other promising developing world artists who are starting in the NFT space.

The Casa NUA Genesis Collection

Besides working with trailblazer non-English-speaking developing world artists who currently couldn't represent themselves in the overwhelmingly English-only nascent NFT market, our artist roster is also exclusively composed of women, black, indigenous and/or LGBTQ+ artists.

Casa NUA incubated artists have already found places in the collections of Punk 6529, Sashaku, Nonamoto, Playboy and others. Visit our Founding Collection on the Cyber gallery or check out our currently available Genesis mints and splits on Foundation. Casa NUA is a non-profit. 100% of the Casa's share of the proceeds go to foster more such artists and fund the growth of the initiative.


Submissão de Trabalhos para Curadoria

A Casa NUA, o primeiro museu permanente do Brasil dedicado exclusivamente à arte descentralizada, convida artistas do Brasil a apresentar suas obras na sua exposição de inauguração. Quer seja na pintura digital, modelagem 3D, vídeo, fotografia, instalação, realidade virtual, performance ou qualquer outra forma de expressão, queremos dar espaço a todas as nuances da vanguarda digital do cenário artístico brasileiro.Compreendemos a vastidão e a diversidade do universo digital e artístico. Portanto, não imporemos restrições de meio. Nosso compromisso é com a qualidade, inovação e representatividade da arte atual e das(os) artistas da atualidade. Faremos nosso melhor para acomodar e valorizar todos os meios e suportes, contanto que possam ser emitidos como NFTs.A oportunidade de criar pontes entre o tradicional e o digital, e de integrar-se a um movimento vanguardista no mundo da arte, está finalmente ao alcance de cada artista sem a necessidade de atravessadores de maneira inédita na história da Arte. Estendemos este convite para que, juntos, possamos definir e celebrar o futuro da arte brasileira dentro desta nova aldeia global.Para esta curadoria de abertura da Casa NUA, optamos por selecionar exclusivamente artistas de nacionalidade brasileira e que tenham atuação na web3, ou seja, que emitam ativamente seus trabalhos em blockchain nativamente como NFTs.Leia atentamente as regras de participação. Ao enviar seu trabalho e informações, você concorda com todas as condições descritas abaixo.O prazo para submissão de trabalhos é 30 de Setembro de 2023, unicamente através do formulário abaixo.